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Chef's Menu

Fillet of Fonda seabass cooked in beeswax
Pickled turnip
Sour cream with celery
Dill oil 

Beef tagliata
Pumpkin with goats cheese
Mustard seeds
Horseradish with herbs

Chicken soup
Pasta with chicken livers
Carrots, kohlrabi, parsley

Salmon on anchovy butter
Potato truffle with salicornia
Smoked trout soup
Parsnip and apple


Breast of capon
Stuffed capon thigh
Dark capon sauce
Foie grais white sauce
Red cabbage with raspberries
Bread and cabbage salad

Roasted cauliflower with hazelnuts
Roasted shrimps
Shrimp sauce
Potato foam
Olive oil and chives


Saddle of deer
Barley coffee
Tepka pear filled with beans and barley
Carrots, Jerusalem artichoke, barley

Podvin 'apple'

3 course €39.00 (dessert included)
4 courses €45.00 (dessert included)
6 courses €65.00 (dessert included)
8 courses €85.00

Cover charge €2.50 
The above prices include dessert as one of the courses. Should you choose a specified number of courses without dessert, the price of the menu is +€6.00.

6 courses with 1 night's bed-and-breakfast accommodation €119.00

Price of individual dishes from the chef's menu:
Cold starter €14.00
Warm starter €16.00
Main dish  €24.00- 30.00
Dessert €8.00

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Saturday, 19. 10. 2019, at 9.00 am till 3 pm 

Chef Uroš Cookery School for Lovers of Cooking

Saturday 6. 4. 2019 from 10am - 12noon 

Podvin Market (local farmers market)

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