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Chef Urošš

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The a-la-carte restaurant is run by one of Slovenia's best chefs – Uroš Štefelin. Uroš finds challenges in discovering forgotten local ingredients, getting to know them and creating new dishes in his own unique way. With modern techniques and creativity he transforms traditional dishes into culinary delights of Slovene Nouvelle Cuisine.

Our restaurant is decorated with local Slovene souvenirs. Each telling a tale of its past and the wealth of Slovenian cultural heritage. We wish to add to this collection by sharing our culinary souvenirs with you; visit us, taste the dishes and when leaving, leave with good memories and the recipes of the dishes you have tasted.

Chef Uroš's kitchen is based on tradition, a love of his home, quality, freshness and caring for good health and the future.

His source of inspiration stems from his own childhood when the family kitchen was full of the aromas of traditional Slovene dishes, when they prepared homemade sausages and enjoyed sweet treats such as dried must-pears.

His kitchen characteristically blends a medley of flavours on one plate; different colour combinations, using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients and vegetables from the hotel's own garden. A strong emphasis is also dedicated to the presentation of the food, since we taste with our eyes as well as with our palate.

Uroš likes to discover local food, to get to know it thoroughly and to create new dishes in his own unique way. Have you ever tasted dishes such as must-pear risotto, must-pear ice-cream, pasta with must-pears, must-pear chutney, must-pear pralines? The neighbours have even started to sow them just because of him!

Our guests marvel how the wonderful flavours and beauty of the dishes, together with suitable Slovene wines or beers, become complete.
Through his cookery school for both adults and children, Uroš wishes to raise the awareness and reputation of the hospitality industry as a career, demonstrate the beauty of cooking and service, impart a feeling for enjoying food and drink, respect for local food and raising the level of eating and drinking in Slovenia.

As the best mentor, his team is further complemented by excellent colleagues with whom they have created a local story of tradition, a love of home, quality, freshness and care for good health and the future.
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