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Would you like to gain new experience and knowledge?

We invite you to join chef Uroš Štefelin and his team at Vila Podvin to enhance your knowledge.
Join us for a day, or more, to acquire new experience and knowledge.

You will learn about the story of Vila Podvin, the method used by the waiting staff, the organisational plan, and communication between the kitchen and the front of house.

You will be served a 6-course chef's menu with accompanying wines, will try your hand at service, discuss the methods of working in your workplace and together come up with a plan for improvements and change.

The content and timing can be adapted to your requirements.
PRICE: 299 euros per day

Price includes:
10am - 10.30am: welcome drink, company presentation, long-term vision, discussion of programme for the day (according to the prior stated requirements)
10.30am - 2pm: learning about the organisation of service, communication between the kitchen and front of house, and the method of work of waiting  staff
2pm - 4pm: How do guests feel (you will become our guest); lunch 6-course chef's menu with accompanying wines
4pm - 6pm: planning improvements and changing in service in your workplace
6pm - 10pm: Take part in the process of service
Bed and breakfast accommodation

-increased motivation, enjoyment and desire to work in service
-realisation of the wealth and beauty of the waiting profession
-acquisition of new knowledge in the area of service
-a desire to share new knowledge with guests
-participation in company development
-enhanced offers
-new ways of working in service


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+386 (0) 8 384 34 70
Room reservations