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Chef Uroš's DRIVE HOME - Uroš's delicatessen and hampers


NEW from our delicatessen – A HAMPER OF TRADITIONAL TASTES:

Beef Wellington (€22 per person/minimum of 4 people)

Loaf of sourdough bread (€5)

Carniolan sausage with tepka pears (€6)

Uroš’s autumn pickles – 200g (€6)

Uroš’s veal pate - 200g (€8)

Tepka pear chocolates – 6 (€10)

Tepka pear juice - 3 x 300ml (€14)

Toman’s marinated young cheese – 300g (€12)

Cinnammon rolls - 4 rolls (€16)


Zelen Guerila 2019 wine – Demeter (€22)

Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 - Turno, Movia (€25)

Why not let us prepare and deliver you a basket of traditional tastes (for cca. 4 people).
A basket costs €69 and contain all the items listed above except wines.
A basket makes an excellent surprise birthday gift!


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