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From the Young to the Young

Who are we?

We are a group of young restaurateurs who are united in the international Jeunes Restaurateurs Association (JRE) for young restaurateurs.

We are united by our talent, passion for the profession, and the desire to exchange knowledge.

We have teamed up with catering colleges to include up-and-coming chefs in our work, and together we are building the future of Slovenia's culinary scene.

Why 'From the Young to the Young'?

Because we would like to offer young gourmets (up to the age of 30) the chance to get familiar with top-notch, creative cuisine.

Availability of 'From the Young to the Young'

1.2 - 10.2.2019

What's included?

30% discount of selected chef's menus
Students of catering colleges will assist in the kitchen and service.

Special menus for those aged up to 30 are available at the following restaurants:

Uroš Štefelin - Vila Podvin, Radovljica (
Uroš Fakuč - DAM restavracija, Nova Gorica (
Tanja in Damir Pintarič - Gostilna Rajh, Bakovci (
Tadej Gašparin - Restavracija Pikol, Nova Gorica (
Ksenija in Martin Mahorčič - Gostilna Mahorčič, Rodik (
Boštjan Rakar - Gostilna Rakar, Gorenje Ponikve (
Marko Pavčnik - Pavus - Tabor Castle, Laško (
Janko Franetič in Tomaž Bevčič - Rizibizi, Portorož (
Urh Kapelar in Ana Justin - Skipass restavracija, Kranjska Gora (
David Vračko - Mak, Maribor (
Gašper Puhan - Galerija okusov, Petrovče (
Luka Košir - Gostišče Grič, Horjul  (
Grega Repovž - Gostilna Repovž, Šentjanž (

Choose from the above list and reserve now!

Reservations are mandatory. Reservations are accepted by mail or by phone.
Offer applies to those up to the age of 30 (including those aged 30).
For groups, the offer applies to all guests included in a booking, seated at the same table, provided each person meets the age criteria and can show proof of age.



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From the Young to the Young

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